Thursday, November 4, 2010

My favorite photos from Halloween

Full disclosure:  Some of you may have seen this post already, especially if you read these posts on Google Reader.  As much as I hate to repeat myself (ask my husband), I am reposting with redacted photos.  My daughter’s friend has not yet given me permission to post photos showing her face, so it was wrong of me to post them.  (It was 1:30 am at the time and I was delirious and half-blind from knitting and lack of sleep.)  I work in intellectual property; I can’t claim ignorance, just occasional goof-ups.  Someone slap me….

After a couple of all-nighters, the costumes were finished in time for the girls to wear to school on Friday... no threads hanging, all pieces in place, happy smiling daughters.  It was a wonderful thing and absolutely worth the frighteningly miniscule 3 hours of sleep I got over the course of 2 days.

Hint:  my daughters are the ones with the long skirts.  My eldest girl's best friend came along for the trick-or-treating wearing a store-bought "Alice" costume which was WAY too short on her tall frame.  I can't be the only one cringing...

Oh, one more thing.... a quick public thank you to Wren of Zen and Coffee on Etsy for making the eldest girl's fingerless gloves just in the nick of time for Halloween.  Thank you!! :)  Check out Zen and Coffee for some fantastic fingerless gloves...

Ta ta for now!

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