Monday, September 27, 2010

And now, back to our show!

After a brief blogging sabbatical (fancy talk for an absolute lack of drive to blog, inspiration, functioning brain cells, etc.), BettyBee is back!

Life is complicated, but I'm uncomplicating it.  Everything is a work in progress, and I haven't exactly been slacking.... just not feeling particularly verbose about it.  I'd hate to ramble..... ooops, maybe I already am.  Sorry about that...

Anyways, it is time for annual fall posting madness.  Items will be up in the store soon:  cup and saucer sets, handwarmers, neckwarmers, vases, and maybe more.  I may also mention every once in a while that I'm selling or giving something away outside of Etsy.  Keep your eyes peeled!

Bye for now!