Monday, November 29, 2010

A post I love and had to share with you.... about fear and change

I admit that I have moments that I waiver down this path that I'm attempting to walk.  Creating a new business, trying to be a good role model for my kids, being an engaged (and engaging) wife and partner....but it can be hard, right?

Approved convention is safe, secure, and if you follow the "rules" you usually wind up making it through life without too many great and terrible catastrophes.  However, safe and secure will not necessarily reward you with the most fulfilling, exciting, enlightening path.  Life is a journey and is meant to be lived, loved, explored... sometimes you have to jump off the bridge and realize that part of the experience is the fear AND the exhilaration.  Each day is a new leap, stepping out into the world and putting yourself out there, being evaluated and critiqued, and hopefully, someone loves what you've put out there as much as you do.

So, while cruising through the bazillion blogs that I read, I came across this post on "The Middle Finger Project."  It's Jenny Foss' story about overcoming fear and convention in her own life.  I really connected with this post and hope that you get something out of it too!

Here's the full URL:

Thanks for reading!


Newly listed in our Etsy shop - Green crinkle vase and Leaf vase

Just in time for the holiday shopping season, we've started posting items in the shop in the Vintage Home Decor section.

First is the E.O. Brody leaf motif clear glass vase.  We have two of these, not originally a matching pair we suspect, but identical from neck to base.  The only difference between these twins are the numbers pressed on the bottom of each.... #1 and #23:

Next, we have the E.O. Brody emerald green crinkle vase.  Only 1 in stock!

There are updated photos for the large green glass swirl design vase.  There isn't a pressing mark on the base from E.O. Brody, but it certainly looks like it could be one:

And, last but not least, the granny square throw blanket is available for purchase.  Remember that sad little sock monkey in "Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium"?  The one that just wanted a hug?  Yeah, this blanket needs a hug too....

Come visit the shop and pick up a special and unique gift for your friend or loved one!  We'll have yarn items up in the shop shortly

Ta ta for now :)

p.s. - What do you think of the new banner on the blog and Etsy store?

Thursday, November 18, 2010

New widget - The Pocket Shop

Yes, sometimes I'm a little slower to adopt new technology, try new food, change my hairstyle....  My husband can attest to all this.

So, I'm finally catching up with the rest of the world.  I just learned about Craft Cult's Pocket Shop widget.  Check it out here.  I looked around, put in my Etsy store ID, picked a style for the widget, and voila!  Ready-made html code for inserting onto a website or blog.  It's down below on the right.  Take a look! And if you like what you see, make one for your shop.

The Pocket Shop by Craft Cult


Thursday, November 4, 2010

My favorite photos from Halloween

Full disclosure:  Some of you may have seen this post already, especially if you read these posts on Google Reader.  As much as I hate to repeat myself (ask my husband), I am reposting with redacted photos.  My daughter’s friend has not yet given me permission to post photos showing her face, so it was wrong of me to post them.  (It was 1:30 am at the time and I was delirious and half-blind from knitting and lack of sleep.)  I work in intellectual property; I can’t claim ignorance, just occasional goof-ups.  Someone slap me….

After a couple of all-nighters, the costumes were finished in time for the girls to wear to school on Friday... no threads hanging, all pieces in place, happy smiling daughters.  It was a wonderful thing and absolutely worth the frighteningly miniscule 3 hours of sleep I got over the course of 2 days.

Hint:  my daughters are the ones with the long skirts.  My eldest girl's best friend came along for the trick-or-treating wearing a store-bought "Alice" costume which was WAY too short on her tall frame.  I can't be the only one cringing...

Oh, one more thing.... a quick public thank you to Wren of Zen and Coffee on Etsy for making the eldest girl's fingerless gloves just in the nick of time for Halloween.  Thank you!! :)  Check out Zen and Coffee for some fantastic fingerless gloves...

Ta ta for now!