Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Temporary Disruption

I know I'm not the only person in the world that loves Halloween.... but it appalls me that costumes made for 9 and 13 year old girls are now skating the very fine edge of hooker costuming.  For example, my admittedly tall 9-year-old munchkin tried on an "Alice" costume at Halloween Express two weekends ago.  The package photo showed the fluffy skirt hitting the model at about mid-thigh.  I was sure that I could manage to avoid freaking out over my daughter's skirt being that length, devising clever ideas about attaching an extra layer of ruffles or throwing together a petticoat on the old sewing machine.... or something....

When she stepped out of the changing room, that darn fluffy skirt barely covered her tush!!  What the hell?!?

Again, she is tall for her age, but I did pick out the next size up from what I would normally buy her.  I'm not a complete moron, after all.

So she's standing there in the costume, the "bodice" bagging on her and the fluffy pseudo-skirt barely allowing her a shred of modesty, looking at me with her big brown eyes and saying, "Ok, Ma, this skirt is a little too short.  The rest of it is so cute, though" -- cue the big puppy dog eyes and pouty mouth -- "Do you think we could get it and you could make another skirt to go under it or something, puhlease????"

As you might imagine, I'm trying desperately not to cave.  The big brown eyes and pouty face are my kryptonite.  I sigh big and loud and say "Sweetpea, that skirt is way too short.  You need to pick something else that's longer.  And it has to cost less than $35."  Her eyes go all sad and red-rimmed and my heart sinks.  I know she's not happy.  I'm not happy.  Damn costume companies!  When did they summarily decide that our daughters need to be showing off their asses while they're trick-or-treating?

My mother, who's been quietly observing, steps in to save the day like the wonderful Gammie that she is.  She volunteers to go to the fabric store and look at "Alice" patterns for both the girls and try to find something that's appropriate for both of them.  The girls are a little perked up by this idea, but still dubious that Gammie is "cool" enough to find something that will pass muster.  We part ways in the parking lot, kisses and hugs all around, and my mother promises to call later with the results of her grand search.

She's awesome, by the way.  I'm not just saying that because she's my Mom.  She really is!  Always creative, always saving the day.  Love you, Mom :)

She called later saying that she had found a super cute "Alice" costume for the 9-year-old, with an appropriate length skirt, and, surprisingly, an "Alice" costume for the 13-year-old as well that's so Victorian-esque quirky that it can be easily tweaked to be "goth," just like my big girl wants to be.

This past Sunday was spent slowly working on the smaller "Alice" costume, using my Mom's sewing machine when she schlepped down to my place, dragging all her sewing paraphernalia along, chugging coffee and listening to the kids complain that we wouldn't let them "help."  We didn't finish a whole costume that day, but I put the finishing touches on the dress portion of that costume on Monday night.....  Ok, actually, I was up until 1:15am Tuesday morning working on it, but it's finished.  Victory!!!  I'll be whipping up the apron tonight.  Then on to "goth Alice".....  Pictures to follow soon :)

Ta ta for now!

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