Tuesday, March 22, 2011

It's so quiet here you could hear a pin drop!

In the time that the BettyBee blog has been experiencing radio silence, we have been reassessing our direction for this particular business and how much energy has been and may yet be expended on it.  While there's still some demand for handmade scarflettes and fingerless gloves, as well as holiday demand for beautiful and rare vintage items, reflection is needed.

So, here's where you come in.... we need some help from you, my readers, customers, industry peers.  Here's hoping you'll be willing to share a few things:

Share request #1:  Your favorite handmade item to shop for/purchase (not necessarily from BettyBee).   Share what tweaked your interest with it and what inspired you to take the leap and spend your hard-earned cash.  I'm particularly interested in anything that you've bought more than once.

Share request #2:  Your #1 wishlist handmade item.  The sky is the limit!  We'd like to see what's lingering in your dreams.... maybe you want it so bad, it makes you twitch for your wallet...

Share request #3:  Something beautiful and inspirational that you'd be ok with sharing.  Something that inspired you at a difficult moment with your own art or crafting.

Now, we don't expect your participation and soul-baring to be offered up for free (although we're sure you're all kind-hearted enough to do so), so we're making this our first giveaway!  In return for your generous participation in one or more of the share requests, responses will be drawn at random to receive a pair of Anchor Hocking milkglass teacup and saucer sets (that's two saucers and two teacups for those of you reading this without your morning caffeine jolt).  You can see pictures of the teacup and saucer here (http://www.etsy.com/listing/64054689/anchor-hocking-milk-glass-teacup-and).

If you're comfortable responding in "Comments," please do so!  We're happy to have you share by email too at BettyBee.Products@gmail.com.  We will be drawing responses on Friday, April 1st (no joke)!

Provided this works out well, we may be hitting you up for more input!


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