Monday, June 21, 2010

In lieu of actual productivity..... a new background!

Since I am an utter slack lately, I've posted absolutely nothing on Etsy.  I've tweaked prices here and there, but there's nothing new, different, and exciting in the store.  Motivation has been non-existent lately, and I've been completely overwhelmed by the mundane process that is life.

However, my birthday was Friday.  The big 3-4.  Yeah, I'm not kidding....  I don't really care that I'm just a teensy bit older, but somehow, I feel like I should start kicking myself in the ass to (1) start exercising more than just the 30 seconds of walking that I manage now, (2) really start moving in about 5 different directions with BettyBee and see what works, and (3) start putting some money away for the future.  Time is passing way too quickly, and pretty soon life will have blown past me doing 65 on the freeway while I'm still in 1st gear.

My mom is more productive than I :(  She and my step-father came by on Sunday for a dual birthday/Father's Day celebration.  Pizza, salad, and soccer were enjoyed by all.....  And while the soccer game is playing on the darn TV, there's my mom, camped out on the couch, crocheting away on these cute little tote bags that she makes.  She put the finishing touches on 2, which I now have to post in the store.

And what did I do?  N-O-T-H-I-N-G.  Just consumed 1 piece of deep dish and a couple of slices of thin crust and watched my hips spread with inactivity.  Awesome!  (not!)

Geez, I'm such a slack!

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