Thursday, June 24, 2010

Hi, my name is Mel, and I'm a Ren Faire-aholic.....

I'm stoked.  Bristol Renaissance Faire is opening July 10th.  I've been looking forward to this for over a year.

"Why?  You go every year." you say?

Simply because I've wanted to dress up for the Ren Faire for years.  This year is the year.  It's gonna happen!  I've been slowly working on my very first costume since last fall.  I bought patterns (granted, commercially made, not 100% historically accurate patterns) so that my first go at a complex costume would not drive me to pulling out my already thin hair.  I have McCall's M4107 for the bodice, M4090 for the skirts, and M4091 for the chemise.  The general idea is that I'm trying to create a sort of mid- to upper-middle class outfit, not too high-born (because I'm not) but I also don't want to look like a tavern wench either.  At least not this year....

As with anything that I work on, I'm tweaking the costume as I go.  I've already put together most of the skirt.  I still need to work on the waist band, fasteners, and some detail work, but it's hemmed so the worst of it is done.

The bodice/corset has been a source of frustration and fear for me.  I've never made a corset.  I've barely looked at a real corset to examine the composition of the garment and the fundamentals of its construction.  So I'm winging it, referencing several books and blogs (thank you Jo, blogger of Bridges on the Body).

I drew boning channel lines on the base layer of my bodice last night, and I feel pretty good about it right now.   I need to cut another layer of the front and channel segments for the back, so that I can rough out the boning and the fitting all in one go.  After the fitting, I can cut the final inner fabric and the outer decorative fabric from the adjusted pattern.  I'm already seeing issues with the base layer..... The bodice seems a little short for my torso.  I may have to cut the final inner and outer layers a little longer.  Hmmm, and maybe take in the back a little by creating a center seam.... oooh, or another place to lace up!  That would be interesting, right?

I have so much to do before the Faire opens!  Super excited!

Ta for now :)

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