Saturday, February 27, 2010

At least I'm trying to sell SOMETHING....

So, shoot me.... I'm not selling much of anything on my Etsy store right now.  I haven't been knitting much, and when I have, I've been working on a pair of grey cable knit armwarmers.  They're almost finished.... just need to finish the seams.

I've finally worked up the motivation to put my dining room table up for sale.  It's a clutter magnet, since we don't use it for meals except for once a year.  So, it's now up on Craigslist, and I have my fingers crossed that someone will want it, and will show up with some big, burly men to move it out of my apartment.  I could really use the space (not to mention the cash)!

Once the table is gone, then I can move a white table from storage into the space where the dining room table is, then move all my knitting and sewing stuff onto it.  Ah, to have a dedicated workspace!  I'm so excited :)

I also might have a new business opportunity.... My daughter's guitar teacher also owns the music store & school she attends.  We've discussed that I'm trying to start a business and he's expressed an interest in some music-themed book bags and simple totes.  I promised to whip something up and see if he is interested in offering them for sale in his store.  I'm a busy gal!

Ta ta for now :)

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